Off the Top

This subsection of the Need to Know newsletter offers a different take on the top story of the day. will suspend its operations on Aug. 31

You might have heard: False information overpowers efforts to correct it by a ratio of about 3 to 1, and social media verification is increasingly important in correcting misperceptions But did you know:, which focuses on social media reporting and verification, announced on Monday that it will suspend its operations at the end of the […]

Heading into the last 100 days of the presidential campaign, journalists should remind themselves what their role is — giving Americans the information they need to vote

You might have heard: News organizations got Trump wrong early on, because they tended to focus on the politicians rather than on the voters they’re serving But did you know: Given the sharp divisions in the country and this year’s presidential election, Margaret Sullivan writes that journalists need to remind themselves of their role in […]

One reason that Verizon was interested in purchasing Yahoo is its 600 million monthly mobile users

You might have heard: Yahoo agreed to sell its web business to Verizon for $4.8 billion (Bloomberg) and Yahoo’s remaining assets will rebrand after the sale to Verizon is final in 2017 (TechCrunch) But did you know: Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo puts the company on the path to building a “new media empire capable of […]

Looking to compete with digital media, Time Inc. will phase out the ‘publisher’ position

You might have heard: Earlier this month, Time Inc. announced “major” executive level changes (Advertising Age), reorganizing its leadership as it looks for “something of a resurgence” (New York Times) But did you know: The job title “publisher” will soon no longer exist at Time Inc., Keith J. Kelly reports. Instead of publishers, Time Inc. […]

More people access news via desktop and smartphone browsers, but news app users spend more time reading

You might have heard: Mobile apps and mobile websites are for very different audiences: Mobile app users are made up of a news organization’s most loyal users, while mobile web users are often coming from social media or other referrals But did you know: New research from the Engaging News Project shows that news app […]

Google will use AMP technology to speed up mobile ads

You might have heard: Google AMP launched in February with the goal of speeding up the mobile web But did you know: After launching Accelerated Mobile Pages earlier this year, Google is now going to use the same technology to speed up mobile ads. Called AMP for Ads, Google will release a set of guidelines […]

Ken Doctor: Could Michael Ferro be preparing to sell Tronc?

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing is now tronc, and it plans to put out 2,000 videos a day through artificial intelligence But did you know: Tronc made a lot of noise when it was announced in late June. But since then, Ken Doctor notes, there’s been almost no big announcements about Tronc, nor has Gannett […]

Podcasting has an ad-blocking problem of its own: the 15-second skip button

You might have heard: Digital publishers are growing increasingly concerned about the effects of ad blocking But did you know: Web advertisements face ad-blockers, DVRs let viewers fast forward through commercials, and now podcasting has an advertising problem of its own: The 15-second skip button lets listeners easily skip over ads. Podcast advertising has struggled […]

Ads on ‘premium’ websites are more effective, new research from comScore finds

You might have heard: What’s working for publishers in digital advertising is cleaner, higher-impact premium ads But did you know: According to new research from comScore, ads placed on “premium” websites perform better than ads placed on other websites, which could potentially justify the higher ad prices that major news organizations charge. comScore measured the […]

The Wall Street Journal isn’t striking any deals with Facebook because it doesn’t believe ‘panic and pandering is a strategy’

You might have heard: Publishers are increasingly partnering with Facebook for ventures such as Instant Articles and live video, but those partnerships come with considerable risks But did you know: In contrast to other news outlets, The Wall Street Journal appears to be more cautious when it comes to partnerships with Facebook. It hasn’t made […]