Navigating burnout as a journalist

Ragland offers a “starter pack” for journalists to begin addressing burnout, although she notes that it’ll be difficult to level up until news organizations align in their vision and strategy to serve and support the whole journalist and not just the work of that journalist. 

Read these voices on reimagining local opinion journalism

As part of API's work, we are “passing the mic” to people in opinion sections and out to share what they are doing on this topic.

Transitioning to GA4

API’s Product Strategy team has hosted a series of training sessions to help newsrooms navigate the switch to GA4 ahead of the July 1 cutoff date.

Making the switch to Google Analytics 4: Frequently asked questions

API has developed a roadmap to help you make the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) go as smoothly as any transition to a new analytics platform can.

Reimagining local opinion journalism

If you were to start with a blank canvas, how would you build a new kind of local opinion and commentary section, from scratch, for this moment?

Four ways to engage news readers amid social platform flux

With Facebook’s continued de-prioritization and divestment from news, the ongoing Twitter saga and ByteDance data security concerns, there’s a lot for newsrooms to navigate when it comes to social media platforms.

An inclusive guide to online safety

In today’s digital world, journalists’ careers often rely on their online presence. But newsrooms must also face the harsh reality that many women journalists endure near constant harassment, abuse and threats online.

Key findings for reaching Black Millennials and Gen Z with news

How should news organizations appeal to Millennial and Gen Z news audiences and keep them coming back? That question has been at the heart of a series of reports released in the past seven months by the Media Insight Project, a collaboration of The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press […]

Beyond Twitter and Meta: What’s next for social media

When Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter at the end of October 2022, it signaled the end of the golden age of social media for news organizations. Meta had already started winding down its news partnership efforts, and the rapid gutting of Twitter’s workforce and volatile changes meant news outlets could no longer rely […]

Inside the Inclusion Index

Welcome to American Press Institute’s four-week series on our Inclusion Index approach to serving communities of color and implementing concrete, sustainable DEIB changes within and outside of the newsroom. Each Monday for the next four weeks, API Director of Inclusion and Audience Growth Letrell Crittenden will share insights from his recent work with the Pittsburgh […]