Leadership Reset Series

Each week, Sam Ragland will share a common leadership challenge and an exercise you can complete to help you navigate and overcome that challenge.

Addressing misinformation with audiences under 40: An industry challenge

News organizations need to figure out how to show Gen Z and Millennials why their content is more trustworthy than everything else on the internet

Fine-tuning your Election Day coverage plans: A conversation with the AP

With two weeks to go before Election Day, API hosted a discussion with journalists from The Associated Press last week to go over ways newsrooms can fine-tune their coverage plans. We’ve compiled tips that might help local newsrooms in the final days before the midterm elections. Two years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic, changing election laws […]

How to reach younger, more diverse audiences

We talked with four leading journalists in regional newsrooms across the country about how we all try to reach younger and more diverse audiences with our coverage.

24 lessons for the 2022 elections

Industry leaders shared best practices, case studies and resources to help journalism organizations engage voters and provide resources needed for their audiences to cast informed ballots in the upcoming elections.

World News Day: Disinformation is a scourge on public discourse. Fact-based journalism can help stop it.

American Press Institute is sharing this article in partnership with World News Day, a global campaign to amplify the power and impact of fact-based journalism.

How the creator of API’s Inclusion Index wants to improve coverage of communities of color

One moment years ago remains influential in my thinking about issues of diversity and inclusion inside and outside of the newsroom. In the hallway of an upstate New York courthouse, a local Black pastor came up to me. What he told me was quite jarring. “Man, you’re a racist,” he told me. I was dumbfounded. […]

Guiding people to practical information: Key takeaways from experiments in ‘service journalism’

Service journalism is having a moment. Newsrooms large and small are discovering — and in some cases, rediscovering — that they can find traction in giving consumers practical information, on subjects ranging from voting to student debt to COVID-19, in a confusing world. With midterm elections approaching, economic concerns multiplying and the pandemic grinding onward, […]

How might journalists help communities overcome division in our digital world?

Fractured, distrustful, polarized. Online and off, it’s easy to see why many of us use these words to describe our current moment. Most news organizations seek to inform and provide a common set of facts that can help their communities solve problems. But in today’s disrupted media environment, newsrooms have also wrestled with questions about […]

Polarization, journalism and the ‘pictures in our heads’: A Q&A with Yanna Krupnikov

Polarization challenges journalists’ ability to do their jobs. With divergent narratives on the political left and right, it can feel almost immobilizing to figure out ways to convey facts to people who seem to live in entirely different realities. Navigating how to build trust with those communities may feel demoralizing, and especially so if prominent […]