Make analytics work for you

Web analytics can be frustrating for journalists. They’re often opaque and confusing, and instead of empowering journalists to act, lead to “analysis paralysis.” API works newsrooms to help them translate their web analytics to journalism insights, and use those insights to create journalism that supports executive-level goals.

API’s Metrics for News — an analytics platform and consulting service — provides unique ways of measuring “engagement” by blending many metrics into a single Engagement Score. It also lets you track the journalism characteristics of all your content, so you can use data to learn how to cover stories differently and improve your beats.

Dozens of news enterprises have used the program in recent years. In 2019, API helped additional newsrooms through grant-subsidized access to the Metrics for News software and consulting; and again offered targeted grant-subsidized access in 2020 for newsrooms covering the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.

Try these API resources for news analytics: