Address culture issues and develop skills

The American Press Institute can help your newsroom assess staff skills, identify any gaps in knowledge, and design custom training solutions.

Samantha Ragland, API Vice President of Journalism Programs, will oversee an assessment of your newsroom’s skills and capabilities, and talk to you about professional development or coaching opportunities for your organization. That could include traditional training but also other customized solutions for supporting and developing staff, such as assistance setting up and running newsroom- or company-wide mentorship programs.

If you are looking for guidance or coaching on a specific topic area — analytics, social strategy, reader revenue, podcasting, newsletters, etc. — get in touch with us about our “just-in-time” adviser program. With funding from the Knight Foundation, we are able to send advisers to your newsroom to get you started on a new initiative or help you overcome challenges.

But we also know it’s not enough to just bridge skills gaps or embark on new initiatives. Underlying cultural issues, such as trust, diversity, burnout or communication styles, can get in the way of organizations trying to implement meaningful change. That’s why we offer “culture checkups” and customized coaching to help your newsroom pinpoint cultural issues and effectively address them.

Try these API resources to improve newsroom culture and develop skills:

  • Contact us to learn more about our skills and culture assessments and training options, including our just-in-time adviser program.
  • Learn more about the Table Stakes Local News Transformation Program, a program administered by API, which works with news organizations to implement changes that ensure their long-term sustainability.
  • Check out Better News, which features case studies from newsrooms that have undergone coaching from API as part of the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, as well as other curated tips and advice.