Align your journalism with audience needs

Publishers often struggle to know which content resonates with which audiences. They may be overinvesting in certain beats or stories that fail to engage readers, or missing valuable opportunities to build a loyal audience by delivering more relevant journalism.

In response to this need, the American Press Institute has developed resources that combine analytics with listening and relationship-building to help newsrooms be more in touch with their audiences.

One of those resources is Metrics for News, a program that helps publishers improve their news strategy. Metrics for News combines custom analytics software and personal consulting from API’s team to help your newsroom better match its coverage to your audience’s needs. The program lets you track engagement metrics for all your content, so you can learn how you might cover stories differently and improve your beats.

API also offers resources to help journalists implement better techniques for listening to audiences. In 2019, thanks to a grant from the News Integrity Initiative, API launched a community listening fellowship program that helps participating newsrooms cultivate a “culture of listening.” A cohort of newsrooms, selected by API, received hands-on guidance as they put systems and processes in place that allow community members’ input and perspectives to better guide their reporting on local issues.

API also offers hands-on coaching that can help your newsroom identify problems or opportunities in your current news strategy, and develop “franchise beats” that will help drive audience engagement and loyalty.

Try these resources from API to improve your news strategies: