Training and support

The American Press Institute connects the news industry’s past, present and future. If your news organization finds itself at a crossroads — seeking knowledge and understanding, growth and challenge — API is here to help.

We’ve listened to thousands of journalists, both news leaders and frontline workers, who have told us where they would like to see more help, which include the following areas:

  • Civic discourse and democracy
  • Culture and inclusion
  • Community engagement and trust
  • Revenue and resilience

We help local news organizations, news leaders and journalists across disciplines learn from one another, and we can specifically help you as that leader and journalist.

Our support for news organizations extends in three ways: 

  1. Community training is at the core of who we are. It is designed and delivered by API and funded by API or through philanthropic support, making it available at minimal cost to any journalist or organization interested.
  2. Private training is our opportunity to go deeper with organizations who are aware of their ability to grow and who want to attract, retain and promote talent by investing in their people, culture and operations.
  3. Commissioned training is our premium, client-informed support, and it is fully scoped and tailored to the news organization in content, cadence and communication. API takes on a limited number of commissioned training clients each year. Want to learn more? Fill out the form below.

Our internal experts are not just available for formal in-person or virtual training, but they’re also available to speak to employee resource groups and other affinity groups through AMAs, interviews, panels and conference events. Click here to read testimonials from organizations who have already gone through an API training.

Explore our portfolio

Our training falls into seven categories most relevant to today’s news organizations. If you’d like to learn more about any of the courses below, please reach out.

Leadership + Development

These courses are aimed at newsroom managers and those seeking career development. They address systemic challenges within news organizations and how to better manage yourself, your time and your team.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging

Whether it’s skills for navigating your news organization as a member of an underrepresented group or reshaping your outlet’s approach to coverage of communities of color, API has the tools to help.

Data + Analytics

Data and metrics are powerful tools that can inform your approach to journalism, experiments and coverage. We’ll help you navigate the numbers and make the most from the data you’re collecting.

Listening, Engagement + Trust

Make the most of focus groups, community asset mapping and newsroom experiments with these courses designed to help you effectively engage with your community.

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Journalists can face a unique set of mental health challenges. These courses offer tools that your team can use to understand imposter syndrome and burnout, as well as ways you can help your team navigate these challenges.

Product + Technology

Whether it’s focusing your newsletter strategy, making the most of the technology in your newsroom or developing an innovative product, API can help your team set goals and build a roadmap to success.

Revenue + Sustainability

Collaboration, technology assessments, data-informed practices, business development and innovation can all help your newsroom build resiliency.

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