Create customer momentum by showing persistent and recognizable value

The best way to sell new products and services (and old ones) is to provide an audience with consistent and recognizable value, writes Thomas Baekdal. Baekdal highlights the instant Kickstarter success from the creator of cartoon The Oatmeal, which set a conservative goal of raising $10,000 for a creative card game; it raised that goal in 8 minutes and has now reached over $2.2 million in sales. “The only reason why this happened, and why it happened so fast, is because of their momentum,” writes Baekdal. “These guys have already proven their awesomeness and their value, so most of their customers didn’t even think about it. They just converted by default.”

+ From Jay Rosen: Apply the “full stack” terminology of software to a news organization’s mission: “If you want to succeed in news and information provision, a smart play is to go ‘full stack’ on all your competitors, intellectually speaking. That means defining the beat the way no one else defines it, and coming up with a mission that differs from the industry standard.” (PressThink)

+ Could push notifications contain something better than just headlines?(MelodyJK)