‘Pokemon Go will make you crave augmented reality’

“Augmented reality is the ‘boy who cried wolf’ of the post-Internet world,” Om Malik writes. “It’s long been promised but has rarely been delivered in a satisfying way.” Given the popularity of Pokemon Go, the game has the potential to change the landscape of augmented reality as we know it. And after playing the game for a few days, Malik says his expectations about how he should interact with the world around him changed, too: “[At an art museum,] I felt as if I should be able to lift my phone and get more details on the process of the creation of the artwork, rather than having to type a search term into my browser. Pokémon Go had changed my expectations on how to access information. That shift in expectation, perhaps, is the game’s true importance.”

+ Virtual reality and augmented reality experiments are starting to get even more attention from investors, as well: Data from Digi-Capital shows that VR and AR companies have closed funding rounds totaling $2 billion in the last year (Variety)