Trying to fight back against falling ad revenue, UK media companies could soon partner to sell ads

In the U.K., some publishers are in discussions on how “they can set aside past differences and rivalries to work together,” FT’s David Bond reports. One possibility could be the creation of a single advertising sales partnership to address falling ad revenue. Media research agency Enders Analysis found that newspaper display advertising fell by 15 […]

Snapchat is developing a metric for marketers that measures time exposed to video and audio

Trying to encourage its marketers to prioritize audio, Snapchat is partnering with ad measurement firm Moat to develop a metric that measures time a viewer is exposed to video and audio. While other platforms including Facebook have encouraged marketers to create video that can be consumed without sound, Snapchat wants its audience to consume its […]

BuzzFeed canceled an ad deal with the RNC because of Donald Trump

You might have heard: Media organizations are divided over how to cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and some journalists have come out in opposition to Trump But did you know: In a memo to staff on Monday, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said Monday that the company has canceled an ad deal with the Republican National […]

The percent of ad dollars spent on print dropped from 25% to 16% between 2011 and 2015, while mobile grew from 1% to 12% in the same period

You might have heard: Mary Meeker released her annual 2016 Internet trends report (KPCB), showing slow growth of the Internet as a whole and the potential for messaging apps to replace the home screen (Recode) But did you know: “The scariest chart in Mary Meeker’s slide deck for newspapers has gotten even a tiny bit scarier,” […]

Forbes may have loosened its restrictions on ad blockers

After asking users with ad blockers enabled to disable them before accessing its website, Forbes appears to have loosened its restrictions, Laura Hazard Owen writes. Some Twitter users reported that they were allowed to access Forbes content with an ad blocker enabled, while some others were still stopped. Owen writes: “Not surprisingly, all of these […]

More than half of local independent online news sites are selling sponsored content, Tow-Knight report finds

According to a new report from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, 51 percent of local independent online news sites that sell journalism are selling native advertising or sponsored content. The report shows that while these publishers are still heavily dependent on advertising revenue, they’re experimenting with new ad formats and new ways to bring […]

7 ideas for how publishers can deal with ad blockers

At an event in late April, publishers, platforms and other industry groups gathered at an event in NYC hosted by PageFair and Digital Content Next to talk about ad blocking. The participants, which included ESPN, Google and The Guardian, are now sharing their recommendations for how publishers can better deal with ad blockers. Among their […]

To scale its audience, The Independent is bolstering its programmatic ad team

Just two months after ending its print edition, The Independent says it’s already profitable. To generate enough revenue to maintain profitability online, The Independent is hiring programmatic ad specialists and hiring writers who can write both editorial content and native ads. The Independent is focusing on scaling its audience on a national and international scale, […]

Media companies who want to join Snapchat Discover must be prepared to pay

For a publisher to be on Snapchat Discover, they need to be prepared to pay Snapchat for the opportunity, The Information’s Tom Dothan writes. While the terms may vary, all publishers have agreed to give Snapchat a cut of their ad revenue, which is usually 30 percent. But some publishers’ agreements with Snapchat include a […]

Some publishers are partnering to sell ads based on time, tackling the bigger problem of ad viewability

To take on the issue of ad viewability, some publishers are partnering to sell ads based on time, rather than click-through rates: Advertisers are only charged if the ad catches the reader’s attention. However, measuring attention comes with its own challenges. These 20 publishers, which include the Financial Times and Dow Jones, regularly participate in […]