Some Reddit moderators consider blocking links from publishers that ban ad blockers

Moderators of Reddit’s technology subreddit are considering banning links from publishers, including Wired and Forbes, that prevent users with ad blockers enabled from accessing their sites. In particular, Forbes was singled out by a moderator for serving readers malware when ad blockers are disabled. That moderator also said the ban could be expanded to websites […]

Google is exploring an ‘acceptable ads’ policy, which could require that ads not be obtrusive to readers

You might have heard: Research from API shows that when it comes to what gets people to trust news reporting sources, 63 percent of digital news consumers say it’s vital that ads do not interfere But did you know: Google is getting into the issue of ad blocking with an “acceptable ads” policy, Digiday’s Lucia Moses […]

Publishers and advertisers are both fighting for people’s attention, and working more closely together as a result

With the rise of ad blockers and more competition for people’s attention, advertisers are trying to make their ads seem less like an advertisement, and even changing the way they talk about ads. At the NewFronts, companies such as Hulu and Time Inc. proposed that “ads are the products of symbiotic relationships, rather than frustrating […]

Could blocking ad blockers be illegal in Europe?

Detecting whether a reader is using an ad blocker could be illegal in Europe, privacy campaigner Alexander Hanff claims. Digiday’s Jessica Davies fact-checks Hanff’s claim: Ad-blocking detection in and of itself may not be illegal, but it might require consent, depending on how the law is interpreted. And websites may not technically be verifying that an […]

For distributed content strategies to be successful, publishers will need consistent ways to measure their audiences

You might have heard: Some publishers, including BuzzFeed and The Washington Post, are going all in on distributed content strategies, following their audiences to the places they spend the most time online But did you know: Some publishers are jumping onto distributed content strategies with the idea that the business model will follow. But in […]

Prevention magazine will no longer accept print ads, and will raise newsstand and subscription prices

You might have heard: Many publications are seeing steep losses in print advertising that aren’t being made up by digital ad revenue But did you know: Prevention magazine is taking a radical step: It will no longer accept print ads starting with its July 2016 issue, cutting costs by eliminating ad pages. Newsstand and subscription […]

Marketers are starting to see the benefits of live-streaming, but struggle with maintaining their image and moderating comments

You might have heard: Facebook live video is drawing news organizations and other media companies in with big audience numbers, but the opportunities for revenue remain unclear But did you know: Live-streaming is taking off, and marketers are starting to catch on, Hannah Kuchler and Shannon Bond write. Advertisers are finding that live-streaming is a […]

The New York Times is running a banner ad for the magazine’s cover story, raising ethical questions about the unusual ad

A banner ad on The New York Times’ website is directing readers to New York Times Magazine’s cover story on the revival of “Shuffle Along.” The ad directs users not only to the 10,000 word story, but to buy tickets for the show itself. Poynter’s Kelly McBride says the ad raises ethical questions about whether […]

French news sites are telling readers to uninstall their ad blockers before accessing their content

A group of some of the biggest French news sites including Le Monde and Le Parisien are either asking or forcing users to uninstall their ad blockers before they can access news content. This unified approach was organized by a trade organization representing online businesses, and includes non-news sites such as French music streaming service […]

ZenithOptimedia says it expects digital advertising to overtake TV as the biggest global ad category in 2017

ZenithOptimedia predicts that digital advertising will overtake TV advertising as the biggest global ad category in 2017, a year earlier than it had previously predicted. Zenith also reduced its predictions for ad spending both in the U.S. and globally for 2016, citing weaker print ad sales than it expected. On the U.S. ad trends, Zenith […]