Ads on news sites could use up as much at 79% of users’ mobile data

One reason why people download mobile ad blockers is because of the toll mobile ads take on their data plans, Lara O’Reilly writes. A new report from Enders Analysis backs that idea up, showing that ads accounted for as much as 79 percent of data transferred on news sites, with JavaScript elements adding extra data […]

Neither better advertising nor soft approaches may be the answer to ad blocking

You might have heard: Publishers are growing increasingly concerned about ad blocking, and some say better advertising or asking users to turn off their ad blockers could be the solution But did you know: At its WTF Ad Blocking event in the U.K., Digiday rounded up publishers to discuss what they’re doing about ad blocking. […]

IAB released a guide for publishers on ad blocking, with six potential tactics for combating ad blockers

You might have heard: Ad blocking is an increasing concern for publishers, but some publishers and studies are finding that people will turn off the ad blockers when asked to do so But did you know: In response to the rising threat of ad blockers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a guide for publishers on […]

Despite concerns about ad fraud and transparency, marketers are still flocking to programmatic ads

According to a new survey from the Association of National Advertisers, marketers’ desire for better targeting outweighs their concerns about programmatic ad buying. The survey found that 79 percent of advertisers have made programmatic ad buys over the last year, a significant jump from 35 percent in 2014. However, the survey also found that advertisers […]

Ad blockers make money off ads and user tracking, too

While ad blockers market themselves as a way to speed up web browsing and avoid data trackers, Julia Greenberg writes that ad blockers are also making money off advertisements. AdBlock Plus, for example, runs an “acceptable ads” program where some ads that meet certain criteria will be shown if the publisher displaying the ad is […]

A study of ad-blocking in the UK found that while the number of people using ad blockers is growing, more than half are willing to disable their blocker in exchange for content

You might have heard: Some publishers are asking users to turn off their ad blocker before they’re able to access content But did you know: A new study by IAB/YouGov on the state of ad blocking in the U.K. found that the number of people using ad blockers has increased to 22 percent, but it […]

Facing threats from big platforms, more competing publishers are partnering with each other

Google and Facebook are expected to control 51 percent of online ad revenue in the U.S. this year, a number no single publisher can hope to compete with. To stay competitive against these platforms, more publishers are partnering, Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton writes. Publishers such as The Huffington Post and Mental Floss have created link-sharing agreements […]

The New York Times could be the next publication to ban users who use ad blockers

You might have heard: Some publishers are using varying tactics to prevent users with ad-blockers from accessing their websites But did you know: New York Times CEO Mark Thompson says it could block users who have ad blockers enabled, joining a group of publishers already do so including Forbes and Axel Springer. Thompson says that NYT’s subscription […]

AdBlock Plus explains how its ‘acceptable ads’ work: Publishers pay a fee to let their ads through

AdBlock Plus is revealing some key details about how its “acceptable ads,” which let some advertisements through its software, work. Publishers pay a fee, which is calculated based on the revenue an advertiser earns after whitelisting. To be whitelisted, advertisements also have been be deemed “acceptable,” as determined by a set of guidelines about placement […]

Podcasting faces a chicken-or-the-egg problem: Are there not enough advertisers for podcasts, or not enough podcasts worth advertising on?

Advertising remains a major challenge for podcasting, and many brands are still unwilling to spend money on podcasts. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that advertisers are expected to spend $35.1 million on podcast advertising this year, but the lack of audience measurement tools remains a big problem. Nicholas Quah says these current challenges […]