Aggregation and curation

Nate Silver accuses Vox of recycling Wikipedia entries, and Ezra Klein says its best to let Vox’s work ‘speak for itself’

You might have heard: Nate Silver criticized Vox earlier this year for aggregating FiveThirtyEight’s charts But did you know: In a recent interview with Catie Lazarus for “Employee of the Month,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver accused explanatory journalism competitor Vox of recycling Wikipedia entries. Silver said: “In some ways, we’re kind of quite opposite from from […]

Jill Abramson on aggregation: ‘Too much journalism is being done on long tables by young people’

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson says she believes more good journalism is being done today in places that may not have been traditionally known for news. But she’s not quite as optimistic about the role of aggregation in news today: “I think that too much journalism is being done on long tables […]

Instagram creates its own version of Snapchat Live Stories and Twitter Moments

In its latest update, Instagram takes cues from Snapchat and Twitter with its curated streams around specific events, such as Halloween this weekend. The feeds are curated by Instagram employees and are video-only, without the usual description and “like” counts that typically accompany an Instagram post. Kurt Wagner writes that the goal of these feeds […]

Twitter announced a new set of tools and partnerships to help publishers uncover and embed tweets

You might have heard: Twitter’s new Moments feature curates content around events and breaking news, a feature that some say “reinvents the newspaper” But did you know: At its Flight developer conference Wednesday, Twitter announced a new “ecosystem” of tools and products to help online publishers find and embed tweets. This “ecosystem” includes existing curation […]

Apple News has arrived in the UK, a month after it became available in the US

A month after Apple News arrived in the U.S., it’s now available for iPhone and iPad users in the U.K. Publisher partners for the U.K. launch include Financial Times, Trinity Mirror and Condé Nast. As the news aggregation app became available in the U.K. on Wednesday, it was also released to iOS users in Australia.

Why The New York Times created a team to cover viral stories online

The New York Times announced Tuesday afternoon that it had created a new unit called the “Express Team” that will cover viral stories online, “but also push that news forward rather than just repackaging it for clicks.” Jeremy Barr writes that the Express Team is essentially a new version of NYT’s rewrite desk, which responds […]

With Moments, ‘Twitter just reinvented the newspaper’

Twitter just did something important with the launch of its news curation feature Moments, Ben Thompson writes: “Twitter just reinvented the newspaper. It’s not just any newspaper though — it has the potential to be the best newspaper in the world.” In the same way that newspapers curate the most important stories for its readers […]

Twitter’s long-awaited Project Lightning launched on Tuesday as Moments

You might have heard: Twitter was developing a new tool called Project Lightning, which was expected to bring curation to the platform with an editorial team curating content around events, breaking news and “anything that’s interesting” But did you know: You might have noticed something new on Twitter yesterday: Moments, Twitter’s long-awaited curation feature, launched […]

Mathew Ingram: How Apple treats apps with questionable but newsworthy content raises questions about how it will handle its News app

Earlier this year, an app called Metadata+, which sends you an alert every time someone is killed by a U.S. drone strike, was created by a researcher for The Intercept and accepted into Apple’s App Store. However, the app was suddenly removed this week for “objectionable content,” which Mathew Ingram says raises questions about whether […]

How Nuzzel wants to work with publishers to bring its link-discovery app to ‘people who don’t necessarily know how to use Twitter’

Nuzzel CEO Jonathan Abrams says with a new round of funding, they’re now looking to expand their user base through “opportunities for Nuzzel to help publishers.” Abrams says that help for publishers could come in the form of custom feeds of publishers’ content, which would help get publishers’ content in front of the right audience. […]