International journalism

The New York Times’ international growth hinges on programmatic ad sales in London and Singapore

Part of The New York Times’ plan to double its digital revenue by 2020 is to expand its programmatic ad sales overseas, Jessica Davies reports. NYT has hired programmatic ad chiefs in the two cities where it expects the most growth, London and Singapore. But as Davies explains, achieving scale in these markets will likely […]

NYT is rebranding International New York Times as the international edition of The New York Times

The latest development in The New York Times’ efforts to build a larger paying audience outside of the U.S. is a rebranding of its international edition. Formerly known as International New York Times, it will be called the international edition of The New York Times going forward. Plus, there will no longer be a separate […]

The challenges NYT faces in its global expansion: There’s fierce competition from established rivals in other countries and it needs to shift its strategy for different markets

As part of trying to double its digital revenue by 2020, The New York Times is taking on an ambitious international expansion. But even for a company that has as much “global recognition and respect” as NYT, Jessica Davies writes that there’s some significant challenges for NYT to overcome. Those challenges include competition from established […]

What it’s like to be a ‘fixer’ in China: Foreign journalists can leave, but fixers have fewer protections from the government

Christine Wei, a news assistant for AFP based in Beijing, talks to Piper French about what it’s like to be a “fixer” in a country that’s particularly tough on journalists: “They always tell us: you are a Chinese national, this is your home. Foreign journalists, they can leave any time they want, but you cannot: […]

The world isn’t getting any better or worse, but our access to information is getting better

Speaking at annual marketing conference Postback, futurist Ray Kurzweil said it’s not that the world is getting any worse, it’s that our access to news and information is much better than it used to be: “People think the world’s getting worse, and we see that on the left and the right, and we see that […]

Quartz announces a new way to measure the global economy called Quartz Index

With its new product Quartz Index, Quartz wants to offer a new alternative to GDP for measuring the global economy. Quartz Index is an interactive, regularly updating dashboard that offers “an unconventional but more comprehensive picture of the big numbers driving the world economy.” Instead of focusing on GDP or stock markets, Quartz Index looks […]

London tech and media companies may bolt in the wake of Brexit

London has long been considered the financial and media capital of Europe, according to Noah Kulwin. American tech and media companies, like Facebook and Google, have offices there, and it’s an English-speaking toehold for American firms doing business on the continent. Brexit probably won’t upend that completely, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for […]

How the Axel Springer acquisition is fueling Business Insider’s expansion abroad

With the recent launch of Polish and Nordic editions, Business Insider now has 10 international editions, with plans for an 11th edition to launch in France later this year. Key to Business Insider’s international growth has been its acquisition by German publisher Axel Springer, VP of international Roddy Salazar says: “The Axel Springer acquisition really […]

The Washington Post is translating stories to reach its growing non-English speaking audience

The Washington Post is starting to translate some stories, especially about those about foreign news, to reach its fast-growing non-English speaking audience. Director of strategic initiatives Jeremy Gilbert explains: “We were convinced that there is a need for translated articles, but we hadn’t hit on the right formulation in terms of how to get a […]

NYT’s Paris-based staff is fighting back against layoffs, arguing that the sensibility of the international edition will be lost

After NYT told staff in April that it would cut about 70 of the 110 jobs in Paris, NYT’s Paris-based staff is fighting back. The staff wants the company to reduce the number of cuts in Paris, while making up the difference in London, New York and Hong Kong. The Guardian reports that the Paris-based […]