Journalism education

Apply for our summer internship in news analytics

Update: The application period for this position is now closed. The American Press Institute is hiring a paid summer intern to learn about audience engagement and help us share best practices in audience analytics with the wider journalism industry. This person should be a college student or recent graduate with interest in the following: The […]

The skills and training that media workers value

As media organizations adapt to the contemporary media environment, greater emphasis is being placed on incorporating new digital practices and technologies, analyzing audience data, and experimenting with new business approaches. Despite much consternation over whether news organizations are changing too quickly or not quickly enough, less is known about how media workers themselves view these […]

Views on news quality and industry trends

The fact that the news industry faces challenges is no surprise. Which of those challenges people in newsrooms think most critical helps reveal where change may be most rapid. Our findings suggest that managers place greater emphasis on the economic model of journalism being broken and the need to experiment with new types of revenue. […]

Freelancing, service, and self-promotion

Outside of their primary job, what other responsibilities do media workers take on? Our findings suggest that media workers actively contribute to professional organizations, nonprofit organizations, and engage in freelance work.1 Possibly hinting at differences in professional priorities and needs, we find that managers are more likely to donate their time or skills. Staff members […]

Recent work experiences and future plans

With the economic model underpinning much of the media system in flux, media workers have had a tumultuous experience. Our findings suggest that while managers feel slightly more secure in their job, and are slightly more likely to say they will still be working in journalism in five years, layoffs, furloughs, and paycuts have impacted […]

The Innovation Divide: Similarities and differences in how managers and staff view the transition to digital

Editor’s note: Rather than slow, the pace of change in news in 2017 appears only to be accelerating. McClatchy’s new chief executive recently announced a program to speed up digital transformation in the newspaper chain’s 31 newsrooms. The multi-million dollar Knight-Lenfest Newsroom initiative (of which API plays a role) has expanded its team-centric process to […]

Summary and implications

When a media company’s performance is analyzed, managers are often criticized for the innovations that they have not implemented. When discussing a new approach in journalism, the views of staff members are rarely cited. And while reports tally how many people have been laid off, it is often difficult to measure anxiety over job security. […]

API releases dataset for large-sample survey of people in media

Two years ago the American Press Institute released a large-scale study of communication graduates, “Facing Change: The needs, attitudes and experiences of people in media.” The collaboration involved 22 different universities with journalism or communication programs and analyzed responses from 10,482 people — a hefty sample of people trained for media jobs. Today we are […]

‘7 things I never learned in journalism school (because I never went)’

Sharing a presentation she made at the Entrepreneurial Journalism Educators Summit at CUNY last week, Hearken’s Jennifer Brandel says she believes she was able to create a series like Curious City (which solicits questions from the public) precisely because she didn’t go to journalism school. Brandel says because she never went to journalism school, she […]

In a highly polarized media landscape, how a journalism training program in Bolivia is finding political support

Bolivia’s media is highly polarized, but a new journalism training program is getting support from both sides. “Fundación para el Periodismo” is a one-year multimedia training program that intends to combine theory, practical training and work placement at both private and state-owned media outlets. The program is the first of its kind in Latin America. […]