How smaller screens on mobile present new interactive opportunities

Desktop lends itself to beautiful, expansive visual experiences that may not always translate well to mobile, Nieman Lab’s Shan Wang writes. But mobile presents interactive opportunities of its own, as long as you aren’t thinking of it as a smaller, simplified version of a desktop. The Wall Street Journal’s global head of visuals Jessica Yu […]

Seeing success with its tablet edition, La Presse will not focus on smartphone apps

Canadian newspaper La Presse ended its daily print edition at the end of December, instead publishing on its tablet edition La Presse+. Each weekday, around 250,000 unique devices access La Presse+, and 100,000 new devices have started using the tablet app weekly since the print edition ended, Catalina Albeanu reports. But despite the success La […]

ESPN’s mobile strategy: ‘If we’re thinking about anything else, we’re failing the audience’

ESPN’s vice president and editorial director for domestic digital content Chad Millman is clear: “Mobile is everything.” As more people cut their cable TV subscriptions, ESPN is being forced to change its business model and betting on mobile audiences going forward. Millman says: “We always have to be thinking about mobile first. If we’re thinking […]

What to expect from Google AMP next: More interactive story forms and advertisements

In a Q&A with Nieman Lab’s Shan Wang, Google’s head of news Richard Gingras says in the coming versions of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, publishers can expect to see more interactive and creative story forms and advertisements. Gingras says Google has brought publishers into the development process with conversations about what publishers are looking for […]

Google AMP makes mobile web pages load faster, but require publishers to maintain a second version of their stories

You might have heard: Google’s answer to Instant Articles, Accelerated Mobile Pages, officially launched Wednesday (Silicon Valley Business Journal) But did you know: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages can load mobile web pages as much as 85 percent faster than a typical mobile web page, but a significant challenge for publishers is the need to maintain […]

Quartz’s messenger-style news app isn’t for everyone, but that’s a good thing

Quartz’s first app feels like a messenger app, and the approach has drawn some criticism. But Chris Sutcliffe writes that the app isn’t for everyone, and it shouldn’t be: “The points of differentiation which mean the app is by design unlikely to appeal to everybody are also those that will possibly make it vital to […]

Some publishers say they’re able to generate as much revenue from a view on Instant Articles as they are on a pageview on their own mobile websites

You might have heard: After complaints from publishers that Facebook’s rules made it too hard to sell ads for Instant Articles, Facebook loosened its restrictions on advertising in Instant Articles But did you know: After some frustration with Facebook’s advertising restrictions, publishers are finding it easier to generate revenue from Instant Articles, Jack Marshall reports. Notably, […]

How NYT improved the startup time of its Android app to 1.6 seconds from over 5 seconds

When The New York Times released its Android app, the startup time was 5.6 seconds, a number that’s now been reduced to 1.6 seconds. NYT senior Android engineer Mike Nakhimovich explains how they reduced the startup time by removing plug-ins and changing how third-party analytics were integrated.

Quartz’s new app lets users chat with the news, rather than just reading it

Quartz launched its first app on Thursday with a unique approach: Rather than just giving users stories to read, users chat with the app. Instead of simply sending headlines, the app sends users messages that read more like a text message from a friend. Messages often include GIFs, and when it runs out of new […]

Facebook suggests mobile users could be just as valuable as desktop users, but local publishers are still catching up

You might have heard: According to Breaking News’ Cory Bergman, the traditional narrative of trading print revenue for significantly smaller revenue from mobile may no longer be true But did you know: Facebook’s year-end report for 2015 showed that engagement and revenue per user is trending higher as more of its audience shifts to mobile, […]