Photography and visual journalism

Best practices for using GIFs in visual journalism

As news becomes increasingly visual, GIFs are emerging as an effective way to take advantage of the benefits of video without the cost in time and bandwidth. Savannah Niles provides an overview of the tools and technologies for making GIFs for visual journalism, as well as a summary of best practices when using GIFs. + […]

How to animate your social media with GIFs

As GIFs continue to grow in popularity, adding GIFs is an easy way to make your social media posts pop. GIFs can add personality and humor into an exchange, as well as provide a glimpse into your newsroom culture. GIFs can also be used to preview new products, upcoming events, or exclusive information. Be sure […]

GIPHY creator: We don’t have time for words anymore because they aren’t fast enough or descriptive enough

Adam Leibsohn, founder of GIF search engine GIPHY, says words are becoming a thing of the past. Leibsohn says words were needed for communicating before computers and the Internet made ideas portable, but now words aren’t descriptive or fast enough to convey our ideas. Leibsohn’s solution to that problem is GIFs. Leibsohn says: “Even though […]

Strategies from Vox Media for using visuals on social media

Across the brands at Vox Media, the engagement editors have all taken a slightly different approach to publishing images and video on social media to drive engagement. Each editor has honed in on their brand’s voice, so the straightforward voice of Vox on Twitter is the opposite of SB Nation’s informal and enthusiastic voice. The […]

News companies are looking to movies as an opportunity for growth

You might have heard: Publishers are experimenting with new ways to expand video, including the New York Times’ partnership with PBS NewsHour and HBO’s partnership with Vice But did you know: In the last several years, BuzzFeed, Vice, Condé Nast, and Newsweek have all expanded into a medium that’s been around for decades — movies. […]

With new WaPo and NYT agreements, publishers test video-sharing as a way grow efforts

You might have heard: Washington Post reaches agreement with Gannett-owned D.C. station WUSA9 to share local video and photography with each other (Washington Post) But did you know: The New York Times also announced Thursday a video-sharing agreement with PBS Newshour to share video journalism and longer documentaries. The agreement does not include revenue-sharing, according […]

Illegal in the US, newsgathering drones are taking off in Latin American media

El Salvador is one of a growing roster of Latin American nations, including Brazil, Mexico and Peru, where news outlets are deploying the aircraft in reporting. Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa Grafica bought three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in January, becoming one of this country’s first media outlets to collect news with drones.

The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use — with conditions

“Getty has, remarkably, decided to allow 35 million of its images to be used for free for noncommercial purposes … [in] an attempt to deal with widespread unauthorized posting,” writes Joshua Benton. He takes a look at Getty’s definition of noncommercial use, the data it collects from the embeds, and some problems from a publisher’s […]

Free and easy photo editing tools that you can use in your browser

Jackie Dove rounds up eight online photo editing tools that can perform photographic heavy lifting on any platform or browser. You can upload images directly from the computer, pull them off your social networks, or retrieve them from online storage sites like Flickr and Picasa.

AP’s chief Asia photographer, David Guttenfelder, on the impact and importance of smartphone photography

David Guttenfelder, who was named Time Magazine’s Instagram Photographer of the Year for his photos of North Korea, talks about how Instagram has allowed for unmatched direct access to an audience and is changing the language of photography. “There’s a whole language being developed — everybody is a photographer – and photojournalists are not doing […]