Other API Election Resources

The American Press Institute helps news organizations transform for an audience-centric future, and election coverage plays an important role in this shift. We organize and support many initiatives working toward this goal, beyond the Trusted Elections Network:

  • Elections Archive: All of our analysis and writing about elections is organized in this feed.
  • Trusting News: A joint project of the Reynolds Journalism Institute and API, Trusting News works to help newsrooms demonstrate credibility and earn trust through research and training. Trusting News is a partner in the Trusted Elections Network and ElectionSOS programs.
  • ElectionSOS: API was the fiscal sponsor of Hearken’s election training and cohort program to help newsrooms learn and implement strategies to design election coverage built on engagement, trust-building and reporting on election integrity in a time of uncertainty.
  • Factually (archives): Building on our history in fact-checking innovation and accountability journalism, API co-produced Factually, a weekly email newsletter and resource for fact-checkers and journalists combating misinformation.
  • Metrics for News: API’s analytics dashboards and consulting program helps newsrooms make data-informed decisions about coverage by showing them  who their journalism is reaching and why. This includes election coverage.