Serial story: “Robyn Reports: The Nutty Neighborhood Block Party”

“Robyn Reports: The Nutty Neighborhood Block Party,” produced by Hot Topics Hot Serials, is a 10-chapter serial by Stacy Tornio. The package includes illustrations by Roel Wielinga and a teacher’s guide.

The story revolves around a girl named Robyn, the force behind a weekly neighborhood newspaper. She and her intrepid reporters set out to cover the neighborhood block party so they can write about it for that week’s edition.

Events in the story take place in one day, with each chapter focusing on a happening at the block party and a related mystery. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger leading to the next mystery. The last chapter is “The Robyn Report,” which reveals how Robyn and her friends covered the day’s events.

“Robyn Reports” comes with chapter-by-chapter lesson plans and activities to enhance the learning experience for students. Lesson plans include pre-reading questions, vocabulary lists, open-ended comprehension questions, writing prompts, activities for integrating newspaper use, and “daily edits” involving paragraphs from the story for students to correct and then check against the published work. Questions and assignments are written directly to students so that they can be used as written.

Author Stacy Tornio is available for promotional interviews. Contact her at or (414) 460-3050. Her website is

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