Student journalism resources

How to do journalism

Journalism Essentials
Our introductory guides cover what journalism is, its elements and the essential processes for reporting.

Creating a news product

Creating a classroom newspaper
Especially effective at the middle-school level, this guide offers step-by-step instructions for producing a newspaper in class over a period of five days.

Press ahead: A teacher’s guide to creating student newspapers
Middle- and high-school teachers can use the worksheets and detailed assignments in this manual to guide students in the production of a newspaper.

Laws and rights

Press freedom in practice
This manual gives student media advisers guidance on how to respond to censorship.

Media law presentations
In partnership with the NAA Foundation, the Student Press Law Center developed seven PowerPoint presentations to help journalism advisers and youth editors educate students about media law issues. Start with the “Press Law Primer,” then work your way through copyright, freedom of information, invasion of privacy, libel, press freedom and reporter’s privilege. Teacher’s presentation notes are included for each PowerPoint.

Test your knowledge of student press law
Take our 30-minute quiz, developed in partnership with the Student Press Law Center, to test your understanding of your journalism rights and responsibilities.

Test your knowledge of the First Amendment
Our 30-minute quiz, developed in partnership with the Student Press Law Center, tests your understanding of the essential freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Student Press Law Center podcasts
Each month during the school year, the Student Press Law Center offers a podcast on timely issues in student media.

Social media

Social media toolbox: A resource for student journalism programs
The “Social Media Toolbox” is a free resource for students and educators who are interested in incorporating the use of social media into student publications. The blog provides lesson plans and resources targeted toward high school journalism students and their advisers. The Newspaper Association of America’s Marina Hendricks was the 2012 winner of the Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism award for this project.