About Metrics for News

Metrics for News is a strategic tool that complements real-time analytics. It can identify overarching patterns across all your data sources that individual analytics tools can’t do on their own.

Key Features

Engagement Scores

Blending many metrics into one custom number that gives you a simple yet comprehensive view of your data

Artificial Intelligence

Categorizes your content and identifies patterns

Newsroom Priorities

The ability for your users to evaluate content against larger strategic organizational goals

Producing Stronger Journalism

Metrics for News can help your news organization:

  • Learn how and why readers engage with each author or team’s content
  • Track which journalism qualities build loyalty and trigger subscriptions
  • Segment key audiences (by location, age group, etc.)
  • Access custom funnel analytics
  • Identify what types of journalism to do more, do less or do differently
  • Provide analytics dashboards tailored to each person’s role in your organization

“Metrics for News is an invaluable part of our toolkit. It organizes our data, our journalism and our audience in ways that make actionable insights almost impossible to miss. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine crafting or executing a newsroom strategy without it.”

Crain Communications’ City Brands

“While we have several data sources, Metrics for News offers the context needed to analyze our efforts to best serve our communities. It blends the data so editors can make strategic decisions for better coverage and engagement. The dashboard also serves as a learning tool for our journalists to better understand how their work contributes to newsroom goals.”

Forum Communications Company

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