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Our special editions and series provide deep insights into the most pressing topics within the industry.

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Our Special Editions

Every Monday, we run special editions in our Need to Know newsletter to share thought leadership, exercises and insights to support sustainable and innovative journalism. We change topics every month to provide you with deep expertise on each subject. Subscribe to our daily Need to Know newsletter to get the latest editions in your inbox.

Tech strategies for news leaders

June 3, 2024|

Ways to support conversations for balancing innovation and stability in your news organization, essential considerations about this often overlooked topic, and guidance to include them in your technology decisions.

Measuring Well-being

May 6, 2024|

This is a column on how to measure well-being for yourself and your organization. By the end, you’ll have a clear direction and quantitative ways to chart a healthy path forward for your journalists.

Centering Community Voices

April 1, 2024|

As news organizations work to grow and nurture relationships in their communities, many are focusing on ways to not only track their outreach but also build in the accountability necessary to improve.

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