The American Press Institute team is dedicated to sharing our deep expertise with media and journalism leaders. We strive to be welcoming, collaborative, intentionally innovative and deeply knowledgeable to best support our partners.

Michael Bolden
Michael BoldenExecutive Director & Chief Executive Officer
Samantha Ragland
Samantha RaglandVice President of Journalism Programs
Elite Truong
Elite TruongVice President, Product Strategy
Gwen Vargo
Gwen VargoVice President, Communications and Operations
Anastasia Bielecka
Anastasia BieleckaAdministrative Assistant
Tricia Cantor
Tricia CantorProgram Operations Manager
Lilly Chapa
Lilly ChapaEditorial Manager
Letrell Deshan Crittenden
Letrell Deshan CrittendenDirector of Inclusion and Audience Growth
Kamila Jambulatova
Kamila JambulatovaSenior Communications Manager
Stephen Jefferson
Stephen JeffersonSenior Applications Engineer
Kevin Loker
Kevin LokerSenior Director, Program Operations and Partnerships
Marita Pérez Díaz
Marita Pérez DíazWeb Applications Engineer
Emily Ristow
Emily RistowDirector of Local News Transformation
Jan Ross Sakian
Jan Ross SakianProgram/Community Manager
Shay Totten
Shay TottenNewsroom Success Manager
Liz Worthington
Liz WorthingtonDirector of Product Strategy

Board of Trustees

Barbara Wall, Chair
Gannett Co.
McLean, Virginia

Mark E. Aldam
The Hearst Newspapers
New York, New York

Chris Argentieri
The California Times
Los Angeles, California

Paulette Brown-Hinds
Voice Media Ventures
Riverside, California

Mark Contreras
Connecticut Public Broadcasting
Hartford, Connecticut

Steve Grove
Star Tribune
Minneapolis, Minnesota

S. Mitra Kalita
URL Media
New York, New York

Dan Krockmalnic
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts

Alex MacCallum

New York, New York

Ross McDuffie
National Trust for Local News
Madison, Wisconsin

Doug Mitchell
Next Gen Radio/NPR
Washington, D.C.

Geraldine Moriba
The Grio / Allen Media Group
New York, New York

Mark W. Newhouse
Advance Publications
New York, New York

Amanda Zamora
The 19th
Austin, Texas


The American Press Institute fellowship program is not currently active. Check back regularly for updates on the launch of our next fellowship cohort.