Our Mission

We support local and community-based media through research, programs and products that foster healthy, responsive and resilient news organizations.

Our Areas of Focus

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We work to ensure all people have the information they need to make decisions and thrive.

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We mentor journalism professionals toward integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in every aspect of their work.

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We support news organizations as they build trusted relationships with their communities.

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We provide news organizations with the tools and resources they need to think creatively and achieve overall wellness.

Featured Research

Special Editions

  • As news teams begin thinking about their election coverage plans, it may feel like adding more tasks to an already full plate, with a fraction of the staff and resources they once had. But that doesn’t have to mean figuring out how to do more with less — maybe it’s doing less with less.

  • How can we center care when examining who gets to select and tell stories, how and where they are told, how stories are heard and responded to?

  • It’s been a busy year for us: we resumed our in-person summits, expanded our training portfolio, revised our look and messaging, and offered numerous grants, products and programs to journalists.

API Products & Programs

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Case studies and best practices to transform your news business

Table Stakes Heading

Helping journalists and media leaders transform their local news businesses to better serve diverse communities

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Improving how newsrooms cover communities of color by assessing seven areas to reveal inequitable practices

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The best analytics tool for newsrooms that helps you align journalism metrics with your editorial values and business model

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An award-winning tool that tracks the diversity of sources in your news stories and helps you improve coverage