Wednesday, May 1, 1-2 p.m. EDT | Register here

A workshop on care, coaching and connection for post-pandemic news leaders

At its core, trauma-informed leadership recognizes and respects human experiences. Post-pandemic news organizations require us to re-order our skillset, moving “soft” skills to the top. While the soft skills of leadership are hard, API believes these skills will help retain critical perspectives and pivotal voices – those from journalists of color and women.

In this workshop — led by Sam Ragland, API’s vice president of journalism programs — we’ll check the editing, producing and managing at the (Zoom) door, and instead invite caring, coaching and connecting to the table.

Join this event to:

  • Learn a framework for understanding the core needs necessary to support the psychological safety of your team
  • Build a 30-day plan that outlines a series of behaviors to practice in order to display the value of either care, coaching or connection

To support journalists and their well-being during Mental Health Awareness Month, API is offering this free, interactive webinar.