Gwen Vargo

Gwen Vargo is Vice President, Communications and Operations for American Press Institute, leading a cross-functional team that works to accelerate the growth of API’s brand identity and raise awareness of its work to external audiences in civil society, journalism, philanthropy, technology and other fields that intersect with its work. In this role, Vargo leads efforts to create a consistent cohesive narrative expressed across API’s web sites, social streams, marketing channels and other media collateral and properties.

Vargo also works closely with news organizations to build more sustainable revenue models. She helps news organizations implement best practices in communications and marketing strategy, increase subscription revenues, conduct research, and develop innovative revenue generation approaches through audience data, communications, content strategy, marketing and more.

Before joining API in 2017, Vargo worked at The Chronicle of Higher Education, where she led a cross-functional team that included marketing, sales, circulation and market research and developed sustainable revenue models for an array of digital products, including webinars, customized data, and events. At Atlantic Media Company, Vargo oversaw marketing, sales, and client services for National Journal Group, and played a key leadership role in the strategic relaunch of the National Journal Group’s products and website. Previously, she managed marketing and operations efforts at organizations such as Euromoney Institutional Investor, PRIMEDIA, and American Lawyer Media.

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