Tricia is Program Operations Managers at API.

Tricia has over five years of event operations and event planning experience in the D.C. metropolitan area with a focus on corporate events such as conferences, staff retreats, and executive meetings. She has extensive knowledge in event operations, where she handles contract execution, legal documentation, and coordinating cross-functional communication among departments.

As Program Operations Manager, Tricia ensures that events and activities are planned well and running smoothly. That includes up to 30 gatherings and events per year (delivered in person or virtually) of varying sizes and types, from small one-off pop-up sessions to large multi-day training programs. She also provides accounting coordination, internal administrative and logistics support for staff.

Outside of work, Tricia enjoys wandering around Washington, D.C. taking photographs or checking out new restaurants. She also enjoys designing, a skill that she’s been developing over the years.