What is provided to funders Nonprofit media Commercial media
Web traffic, such as page views, visitors, time spent, etc. 65% 28%
Social media numbers or activity 59% 17%
Audience comments or audience actions taken 37% 20%
Web traffic of partners who distributed the work 34% 3%
Number of other media organizations that used or cited the work 55% 9%
Direct impact from the work, such as formal hearings, laws changed or charges filed 50% 14%
Evidence of changes in awareness or knowledge of a topic 43% 11%
Responses from officials to the reporting 41% 16%
Editorials written or other journalistic activities that followed the work 38% 16%
Evidence of changes in attitudes or perceptions about an issue or topic 32% 4%
Don’t ask provide metrics 3% 20%
Haven’t been asked for metrics 2% 7%