Publication factors
Discount / promotional offer 45%
Wanted coupons 21%
Kept hitting meter limit 16%
Wanted extra subscriber benefits 10%
Wanted delivery / liked website (VOL) 3%
Wanted fewer online ads 3%
Found the price appealing (VOL) 1%
Consumer factors
Recently moved to the area 16%
Job/life change 12%
Responding to attacks on the press 8%
Looking for coverage of a topic (VOL) 8%
Saw message about supporting journalism 6%
Subscribing is a longtime habit (VOL) 4%
Friends persuaded me to subscribe 4%
Wanted to support journalism (VOL) 1%
Other factors
I cannot recall a specific reason 11%
I had just read an article I really liked 6%
Other 2%
“Likes the paper” (VOL) 1%