Where to start

For journalists:

  • The Coalition Against Online Violence offers an online violence response hub that offers immediate support for a variety of scenarios including doxxing, problems with online accounts and receiving online abuse, as well as ways to prepare for online attacks.
  • IWMF offers multilingual training for journalists, including courses on knowing your trolls and online privacy.

For newsrooms:

  • The IWMF’s News Safety Cohort is a new opportunity to help international newsrooms create policies for protecting journalists online. The IWMF provides safety training for newsrooms and journalism associations that are tailored to journalists’ holistic needs. Building on that existing training model, this new international support network will receive customized training in addition to peer networking, access to new resources and opportunities for 1:1 consultations.
  • This IWMF report examines the professional dangers of being a woman journalist and offers recommendations newsrooms can take to better support freedom of expression and the work of women journalists and media workers worldwide.
  • The Coalition Against Online Violence also has resources for newsroom leaders who need help protecting their journalists or implementing preventative steps against online violence.

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  • This is a column on how to measure well-being for yourself and your organization. By the end, you’ll have a clear direction and quantitative ways to chart a healthy path forward for your journalists.

  • Experts define moral injury as the suffering that comes from witnessing, perpetrating or failing to prevent events that violate one’s own deeply held moral beliefs and values. It is not classified as a mental illness, but it can lead to depression, substance abuse or burnout, which is one reason news managers need to understand the phenomenon of moral injury — and ways to address it or head it off.

  • For many newsrooms, changing the systems that protect unhealthy culture could be a few sustained decisions away from reality.