Antoinette Isama

Antoinette Isama is a Brooklyn-based culture journalist and editor documenting the global impact of creativity from Africa and its diaspora. Currently, she’s the co-founder of FourTwo Creative, a Black women-led creative agency building culturally-relevant brands that thrive in the digital space.

Q&A with Danielle K. Brown on LIFT Project’s approach to centering community voices

"I think that the LIFT Project stemmed from that experience of what one does when they find the same patterns and the intervention isn’t working.”

Community engagement and sustainable DEIB systems: Lessons from Pittsburgh

Ensuring your staff finds tangible ways to engage with the communities you serve is important in embedding sustainable DEIB systems in your newsroom, internally and externally.

Assessing your newsroom’s DEIB needs

Identifying that your newsroom needs an assessment like the Inclusion Index is the first step, but it’s fair to acknowledge how challenging it can be to recognize the pain points that need to be addressed — and how they even came to be.

API Inclusion Index cohort kicks off plans to improve the Pittsburgh news ecosystem

Four newsrooms in Pittsburgh openly acknowledged their struggles to serve communities of color and dedicated themselves to concrete changes related to diversity and inclusion following a near-year-long project with API.