Kamila Jambulatova

Kamila Jambulatova

Senior Communications Manager

Kamila Jambulatova is a Senior Communications Manager at API. In this role, Kamila works across the organization to develop and execute marketing and communication strategies to help drive awareness, reach, and engagement around all of API's program areas. She will work on raising API’s profile with an updated narrative and reimagining our brand.

Before joining API, Kamila worked as a Creative Strategist at Fortune, leading creative development and ideation for the award-winning Brand Studio. There she worked with FORTUNE 500 companies to develop dynamic digital campaigns and drive revenues for the studio. In addition to years of marketing and communications experience, Kamila brings a dedication to working with and helping journalists and news organizations succeed. Before her work at Fortune, she led marketing efforts for Hearken’s Election SOS program to promote an audience-first model to journalists around the country. During that time, Kamila collaborated with the team to develop and promote various offerings and programs aimed at supporting newsrooms around the country, like the Election SOS Expert Network, Scenario Planning Guide, a pitch database, and more. She developed comprehensive marketing strategies, ideated content, drove social engagement, and grew newsletters.

Kamila is a Missouri School of Journalism alumna. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading.

Email Kamila at kamila.jambulatova@pressinstitute.org or follow her on Twitter @KJambulatova.

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