API’s Vice President of Journalism Programs Sam Ragland shares five common leadership challenges and assignments to help you navigate and overcome those challenges.

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Leadership is hard. And it stays that way when you, as a leader, think you’ve arrived at your position as a benefit only to yourself. I have always believed that leaders — that’s you — have been promoted to a position of power in order to benefit others by the way you support and coach them, by the way you advocate for them and help them grow.

As a newsroom leader — some of y’all have heard me say this — your first priority is to the journalists, not the journalism.

But leaders, like all people, are imperfect. We make mistakes and drop the ball; we benefit from redos as much as anyone else. The start of a new year is an opportunity to reset the relationships we have with the people we’re responsible for, and I want to help.

Each week, I’ll share a common leadership challenge and an exercise you can complete to help you navigate and overcome that challenge. You’ll have a full week to consider, plan and execute on each issue.

Let me be clear, however: The start of a new year is not the only time you can reset relationships. You can choose different behaviors that exemplify a more caring and resilient leadership style any time you want. And your team, both direct reports and adjacent staff, will appreciate these mid-stride resets.

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