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1. ✨ Get grateful: Notice — and share — gratitude

2. 📅 Get space: Set a 5- to 10-minute cushion between meetings 

  • Why? Back-to-back meetings compound stress and increase attention fatigue. The brain’s ability to receive and process information increases when it’s given 10 minutes of rest between “being on.”

3. 📝 Get coached: Seek out career coaching 

  • Why? Perspective is a powerful tool, and it can be difficult, in the midst of chronic stress or burnout, to see a way to exit the loop. Career coaching is an opportunity to brainstorm and problem-solve with a neutral party.

4. 🗣️ Get chatty: Catch up with colleagues at the start of a meeting 

  • Why? Phatic communication is the small talk that has been upended in our post-pandemic, hybrid world, but it’s also been found to increase a group’s trust with one another, motivation, decision-efficiency and ability to communicate effectively and collaborate more creatively.

5. 🍕Get away: Leave your desk/office/home for lunch 


The book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear uses a framework called the Four Laws of Behavior Change, which breaks down the process of building a habit into four steps: cue, craving, response and reward. 

To create a cue, you need to make it obvious — spell out the habit you’re trying to build: “I will [behavior] at [time] in [location].” If the new habit you’re trying to build aligns with a current habit, you can combine them: “After [current habit], I will [new habit].” Lastly, design your environment so the cues for the new habit are visible and obvious.


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