David Ho

David Ho is a senior digital news leader, content strategist and media technology pioneer. As a consultant and trainer, he helps journalists and news organizations around the world transform and embrace the digital and mobile now.

Ho previously served as executive editor and vice president for digital at Hearst Newspapers. He also was executive mobile editor at The Wall Street Journal, where he built the WSJ mobile editorial team, wrote its mobile content algorithms and founded its family of news apps. For more than a decade, Ho has focused on bringing news to mobile and creating storytelling technology and techniques for phones and tablets. He has taught mobile skills to more than 4,400 journalists.

As a national reporter for The Associated Press and Cox Newspapers, Ho’s coverage ranged from the White House, the United Nations and the pope to tech, telecom and terrorism. The U.S. Supreme Court cited Ho’s reporting in the historic Bush v. Gore ruling on the 2000 presidential election. Earlier, Ho was one of the three original web developers writing code for WSJ.com.

As speaker and teacher, Ho has taught journalism at the Poynter Institute, the City University of New York, the Norwegian Institute of Journalism and the Media Institute of the Caribbean.

Reach him at david@themobilenow.com, or follow him on Twitter at @DavidHo.

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