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Our special editions and series provide deep insights into the most pressing topics within the industry.

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Our Special Editions

Every Monday, we run special editions in our Need to Know newsletter to share thought leadership, exercises and insights to support sustainable and innovative journalism. We change topics every month to provide you with deep expertise on each subject. Subscribe to our daily Need to Know newsletter to get the latest editions in your inbox.

API Year in Review 2023

December 4, 2023|

It’s been a busy year for us: we resumed our in-person summits, expanded our training portfolio, revised our look and messaging, and offered numerous grants, products and programs to journalists.

Plan for Local 2024

November 6, 2023|

Take stock of your 2023 local election coverage — what worked well and what didn’t — to support your planning for 2024. We aim to help you take notes now to strengthen your engagement and audience work ahead of next November.

Balancing Well-being

October 2, 2023|

Why a 20-day, 20-action challenge? Because prioritizing the well-being of ourselves, our journalists, and by relation, our organizations takes deliberate steps toward healthy habits and self-awareness.

Diversify Your Sources

September 5, 2023|

Katie Kutsko amplifies insights and shares resources she's learned alongside newsrooms who track the diversity of people quoted in their stories through Source Matters, API’s award-winning source diversity tracking and analysis tool. 

Our Series

Our essay series offers insights from experts in media and other industries to reflect on journalism best practices and industry challenges.

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